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You told me to sing

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June 3rd, 2005

12:30 am - A poem
I wrote this for chelseas english class but im just posting it cause i really like it

The Desert must be lonely
No one likes to stroll through him as if he was an exotic garden
A Garden who bloomed the finest, fragrant flowers
The Desert must grow jealous of the gardens
He competes and forces up cacti with sharp thorns
Although they too flower, no one stops to smell them
The Desert must be lonely
No one stops to drink from him as if he was a shimmering spring
A Spring who’s waters flow right into the rivers and oceans
The Desert must grow jealous of the springs
He competes and creates tiny streams under his monstrous belly of sand
Although they too flow, no one digs for them
The Desert must be lonely
No one stops and builds their homes as if he was solid ground
Grounds who were sturdy and did not bend and give way to wind
The Desert is tired of competing and kicks up storms of dust and earth
He heaves his belly of sand into the faces of travelers and tourists
He drives everyone away
He remains lonely with his underwater springs and prickly cacti
Current Music: The Starting Line

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June 2nd, 2005

01:23 pm - Those things you said, Im rehearsing them
has anyone heard the new saosin song?
its good

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May 30th, 2005

03:23 pm - To destroy you would be no great loss
youre just another stupid scene girl to me now
you will always be bad news

its summer now
hells yeah
Current Music: Shai Hulud

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May 8th, 2005

10:01 pm - So Whats New
So lately alot of things have been happenin. First im gunna miss the shit outta BEN. Hes the fuckin truest kid in Santa Zruz and fuck fake people who try and turn people on him....one person in paticular. We all went to the Bury Your Dead show last night. That was fun cause i got to see If Hope Dies and The Red Chord. After that Me, Rusty, Joell, Sarah and Karlyn all went to a little get together and fuckin rusty me and joell just shot the shit and laughed our asses off. I love those boys. Today was mothers day and I was glad my mom was havin alot of fun. We went to brunch but I could only eat fruit. After that i went to chelseas house and I helped make dinner. I love that girl so much that it catches me off guard sometimes. We were lookin at all her baby pictures and it just remined me of how Im very lucky to have her in my life. She keeps me goin. I also took the SAT's so that load is off my shoulders....now just the haul to summer...the new Fall Out Boy is amazing


Current Mood: calmcalm
Current Music: Fall Out Boy

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May 3rd, 2005

11:30 am
i think im gunna delete myspace

it was fun but im over all the drama and shit


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April 30th, 2005

12:07 pm - Lets toast the night away to friends and forget about tomorrow
New Found Glory put on the best show of the year, hands down. This show will be hard to beat
Current Mood: tiredtired
Current Music: I dunno

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April 3rd, 2005

04:16 pm - Sigh
I miss Chelsea :-(
Current Mood: depressedI miss her
Current Music: Atmosphere

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March 30th, 2005

07:24 am - You changed into something I wasnt ready for
Why are things so fucked up? We are friends and we shouldnt do this shit to eachother. I learned my lesson the hard way, and i guess so did you two.
Current Mood: confusedconfused
Current Music: Casey Jones

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March 13th, 2005

10:31 pm - IM BACK
i was in tahoe with my lovely girlfriend chels but now I'm back. I miss everyone so lets hang out

Current Mood: tiredtired
Current Music: Millencolin

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February 28th, 2005

11:13 pm - The Fight
I know alot of you have heard about the fight that happend at the teen center. I cant remember alot so I'll keep this short. Those who know me well, know that I have strong feelings towards the things I put my heart into. I will never stand for anyone who will disrespect the loss of loved ones and cause those who love them to feel pain ... When I entered that fight, my heart was with all those who felt loss when those friends lost their lives in that car crash. For someone to deface their memory like that still fills me with rage. I dont care how small I am or how big they are. I would fight thousand times over.
It wasnt a Straight Edge thing
It wasnt a Hardcore vs. Punk thing
It was us not letting people disrespect those who so many loved
Current Mood: blahblah
Current Music: Comeback Kid

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